Posted on by Kristen Fuller

Good morning and happy Friday!  If your weekends go anything like mine, right about now you are considering what gifts to grab for all those birthday parties this weekend.  While we love the parties and the girls that they celebrate, it does feel like I am always trying to come up with just the right gift.

Just as the earrings were an answer for me a year ago in way of teacher gifts...this outlet of mine has proven yet another good source for gifting in the form of necklaces.




Dipped letters & hearts have taken center stage and am so happy to announce that they seem to bring a smile to the face of the precious receivers.

If you are interested in some girls gifts (i haven't quite figured out what to do for the boys, but luckily we haven't even needed a boy's gift yet) then please let me know.  I will happily make you a customized necklace.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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