• Just Because...

    Posted on by Kristen Fuller

    I have a friend that isn't always great about remembering to get you something on your birthday, but is always so great about the "just because..." gifts.  It feels so good to know that someone doesn't need a special occasion to think of you.

    In honor of that...I'm putting a package together for a friend I rarely see anymore due to distance and time (but think about often), just because.

    and "just because"... sweet em is offering 20% off now through the end of the month (so hurry, only 5 days!). And if you'd like to order a "just because" card with 3-5 earrings, please email me (kristen(at)sweetemdesigns(dot)com)


    with coupon code: JUSTBECAUSE20

    have a wonderful weekend!

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  • tiny hexagons

    Posted on by Kristen Fuller

    Well hello Friday - I can't believe it's already time for the weekend to begin, but we are ready.  A full week of early rising has us aching for a morning sleeping in a little.  I wanted to get a quick post out to you as August is quickly slipping by!  If you follow sweet em on Instagram (shopsweetem), you already know I do monthly giveaways or discounts for Instagram followers only. This month, I just may give away these new hexagons..

     You are correct if you already thought sweet em had hexagons, we do!  But these are much smaller and while I do love the larger hexagons for color (with gold rims), I am loving the small hexagons for solid gold.


     Here, you can see him compared to his friends.. see? Nestled between the green arrows and gold/white balls.  small and cute

    Follow sweet em on instagram for the chance to win. Have a happy weekend and stay cool (it's going to be 100+ degrees here..yikes!)

    p.s. - the lineup above is a picture of the earrings I travel with (a strip of card stock with holes punched in it that can be loosely rolled up into a small jewelry box)   It's fun to pull out and share with friends and keeps the earrings safe and easy to pick out each day.

    To shop these sweet earrings: tiny hexagons

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  • photo shoot

    Posted on by Kristen Fuller

    So have I even mentioned that I'm getting a new website?!  Well sweet em is about to amp it up a bit with a much more user friendly way to order.  But in order to get to there, we needed some photos and some good ones.  Living in a small town, it's hard to find someone that is in line with your vision and I feel so lucky that I stumbled upon Matt.  I was feeling at a loss for a product photographer and mentioned it to a friend, who in turn suggested Matt!   If you are friends with sweet em on facebook or instagram you may have seen that we had our first photo shoot a few months ago and I can't get over the amount of talent in the house that day.

    First, our team:

    Matt Hanner - photography.  He's easy to work with and really great at his job.. plus all his fun equipment really made us feel like this shoot was professional (which it was! - I still have a hard time believing we are grown up enough for this stuff)

    Arre - stylist. you know super talented sister-in-law.  Even though my attempts at getting her in front of the camera didn't really pan out - she really has an eye for style and an amazing house she let us shoot in as well!!  She is my go to person to ask what to wear to anything and was a great sounding board for ideas on clothes/earring matchups.  Plus, she's just fun to be!

    Melissa & Tabatha - my super sweet models that let me pay them in earrings!  They are naturals and so sweet to be in front of the camera.

    Here are a few shots from that day.. it really was so much fun and can't wait to work with this group again!




    and finally, mimosas are helpful when you're super uncomfortable in front of the camera (i of course was the only one uncomfortable but matt and the mimosas made it easy!)


     So fun!  Next up will be shots of the girls in their sweet em jewelry.  Stay tuned!

    p.s. - as you may notice, the etsy shop is on vacation but will be back up and running in 2 weeks.. we are just soaking in these last days of summer :)

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  • What's in a name?

    Posted on by Kristen Fuller

    Well, happy 2015 to all of you!  This Christmas season was a good one.  It was a much needed break from our busy days.  These girls are growing up so quickly and it was nice to be able to slow things down a bit.

      Sweet Em has some fun new things in store for 2015, but to kick off this new year, I'd like to tell you a little about the name.  As you may know by now, the name for my business (sweet em) came from my three girls. As many siblings are, they are as different as night and day - sharing some genes but at most times, I wonder how they can even be related.  When I was trying to come up with a name, I knew I wanted to incorporate these little people that mean so much to me so I had to come up with one common thread. The most obvious is that their names all start with an "M" and while they have their own special traits that make them who they are - they do share one common trait and that is that they are sweet girls.

    Do not get me wrong, no one in my household is perfect by any means but when the days are hard and I'm trying my best to see the positive, I do remind myself that no matter what these girls are sweet by nature. So there you have it  - sweet em (M)

    Not only did they inspire the name, but they continue to inspire me daily.  They push me to be a better person all around.  My patience, stamina, and kindness is tested on a daily basis and while some days are better than others, if I am able to take a step back and look at these little people that God has given me and Jim to raise, I feel a bit of peace about life.  Everything's going to be OK.

    Make 2015 count!

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  • these girls

    Posted on by Kristen Fuller

    Almost 9 years ago, I became a mom for the first time.  At that time, I had very few friends with babies and knew nothing (can i emphasize that word any more?!) about what I was getting into. Thankfully, they have taught me more than I knew possible and have shown me more love than I could ever fathom.

    I thank God for these girls every day and their gift to me (making me a mom).  Happy Mother's Day!

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